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before they were The Walkmen they were Jonathan Fire*Eater…or most of them were. back in 1997 they were supposed to be the next big thing. the Strokes before the Strokes. it didn’t happen. it never happens when they say it’s gonna happen. back then i always thought they sounded like if the Make Up trying to be a Velvet Underground tribute band…now they just sort of sound like a funkier version of the Walkmen. anyways this EP is really good, better than their major label debut that didn’t make them the next big thing. “Search For Cherry Red” was my indie rock jam for like 2 years. 

This is awesome. 


Playful sound and vision designer Matthew Irvine Brown recently created an ongoing project called “Music for Shuffle”. The concept is elegantly simple: a series of short, interlocking pieces of music that all seamlessly segue into each other, thus creating a unique song as they shuffle. Click play to watch a “Music for Shuffle” demo.

The project is mentioned in Tom Ewing’s new Poptimist column, which discusses issues of randomness and sound, and features insights on James Blake, Brian Eno, and how the Internet is opening us up to iterative concepts.

Read the column. And, while you’re at it, check out Tom Ewing’s Tumblr, too.