I love this picture so much.

This single still from Stand By Me embodies my childhood. It’s not quite literal, but when I saw it, it kind of felt like a light punch in the gut. I immediately knew what it was. I think “Everyday” by Buddy Holly is playing during this scene? I’ve seen the film at least a dozen times, if not more. I remember seeing the film on the screen at the Ranch View theater with my dad in Prairie Village, KS. I associate the film with him in a big way. It had a major impact on me at an obviously important time. I was 12 years old when it came out. Thanks for sharing, Wil.

Topspin Tumblr: A New Alliance and Important Updates

Topspin Tumblr: A New Alliance and Important Updates


Hey, I’m Mary Timony. While Carrie sings, I’m just gonna space out over here and tear it the hell up with my guitar playing like it’s no big deal, that cool with you? Yeah, I’ll probably even do some tapping up on the neck while I just kinda float around in a cloud of awesome. It’s all good.

Love those ladies.