The Serif Hand, a handwritten font from La Goupil Paris

Fanny Coulez and Julien Saurin of La Goupil Paris are specialists for nice handwritten fonts. The Serif Hand is such a font that offers a natural hand drawn look.

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Check out more information about the The Serif Hand by La Goupil Paris or discover other recommended fonts on WE AND THE COLOR.

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Love this one.


A short film on Mike Langley, sign painter, for Vassilaros & Sons Coffee Co. From The Portland Egotist:

The attention to detail and steadiness of sign painting work blows our mind. You get that sense here in a very small dose, but if you have a chance be sure to check out Sign Painters because it will give you a respect and a healthy dose of inspiration for this unique section of the typographic fields.

(via John Boardley)

When I was a kid back in the ’70s and ’80s I was really into hi-fi systems. I couldn’t afford much gear, but I could borrow copies of The Absolute Sound and read them cover-to-cover. In those days the general wisdom was to buy an amplifier with way more power than you could possibly ever use, because it would sound great at low and normal volumes.

That wisdom stuck in my head, and I think it applies to software


Inspired by Peter Saville’s incredibly famous album art for Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures record, last night I made this JavaScript powered, touch-reactive  ”pulsar simulator.”

Click (or touch) and drag to create spikes in the graph to emulate the last gasps of a dying star. Or, just watch it as it creates a randomized, wobbling, moving homage to one of my favorite bands.

OMG. Love this.