10 Things I Will Miss About My Job

10) A window that opens and has a scenic view of Los Angeles.

09) Two Macs in front of me (if I’m in the office)

08) Getting to test out the latest versions of the Mac OS

07) Learning that Apple is a company that does do wrong…very wrong.

06) A boss that isn’t afraid to tell a senior engineer at Apple that they their company sucks.

05) A boss that takes me bowling and is good competition.

04) Meeting cool people and going to cool places (i.e. getting a tour of Dolby Laboratories).

03) Listening to my boss go off on people, espeically Apple.

02) Learning more about Macs than I ever really wanted to know.

01) Working 2 miles away from home, three days a week.

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  1. Christopher Avatar

    WOW! A paycheck doesn’t make your Top Ten list. Most impressive!

  2. brad Avatar

    No, a paycheck would probably be 11 or something. I dunno. I mean, of course I miss a paycheck, and I don’t want to sound naive or even like I don’t care about money, but it’s not what is post important.

    ::sigh:: When I quit my job last November, which I was making good money at, I decided to take a couple of months off to re-energize and get motivated again. I was spent. I was phycically ill from working and had I been twice the age I am, I probably would have been in a hospital.

    Someone emailed me. I don’t remember his name. I’m pretty sure he was commenting on something I wrote on my site. I don’t remember what he said or anything, but we ended up having lunch because he had a business proposition for me. I ended up not talking to him after that lunch. I wasn’t ready to dive into something new and he needed someone right away. He said something to me at lunch, it was actually a quote, and it has stuck with me since. The quote is, “Don’t eat your soul to fill your belly.” I even have that quote hanging in my office along with three others:

    “Stop Playing Dead”

    “Blasphemy means ignoring your dreams”

    “I’d rather have a life than a living”

    I realize I’m totally having a soapbox moment, but bear with me.

    So, two months pass and I start looking for a job. That lasted for three months. During that time I had to make some lifestyle adjustments. I didn’t eat out for nearly every meal, I sold my gas-guzzling SUV and bought a compact that got better gas mileage, I stopped buying every latest toy and several other things. I still buy just as many CDs though 🙂

    Anyway, I guess what I am trying to say by all of this is that money isn’t really that important. Some people may say that I’ve never really had to struggle, and I haven’t struggled as much as some people, but I learned a lot by not having a job and having to make some sacrifices. I also learned a pretty valuable lesson about swallowing your pride. That didn’t go down so well, and I still haven’t really completed that part, but it’s under way.

    I’m grossing myself out now.