15 Strat Tips For Crafting the Coolest and Most Impressive Twitter Bio

One of the funnier things I’ve read this week.


There’s an art to stuffing the maximum amount of coolness and success into 140 characters or less, and I’m basically the Da Vinci Code for how to do that. Here are 15 of my proven strat tips on how to really jack your follower count by making your Twitter bio as effective as possible at tricking people into thinking you’re important.

1. You can’t just like stuff. You have to take your interests to an unhealthy extreme by identifying yourself as an “addict” or “junkie” of those things. (ex. Social Media Junkie or PowerPoint Addict)

2. Make it super clear that your “views are my own” so your controversial opinions on last night’s episode of The Bachelor are in no way misconstrued to reflect negatively on your employer.

3. Ascribe super-heroic significance to your job, no matter how mundane, by adding “Guy” or “Girl” to the end of what you do. (ex. Data Entry Guy or Marketing Girl)

4. Nothing is cooler than being geeky, so you can never overstate how much of a total geek you are. The key is to be the geekiest geek in the whole geekoverse. (ex. Major ____ GeekKing Geekster or Her Royal Geekness)

5. If you go out to bars like every night of the week, you’re not alcoholic. You’re a Foursquare Ambassador.

6. You can add “-ista” to the end of literally any word to make yourself sound approximately 47 times more stylish and savvy. (ex. Digitalista or Barista or Unemployista)

 7. A great way to sound really smart and cool is to combine a vague/abstract word like “Idea” with an impressive or scientific-sounding title or profession. (ex. Idea Architect or Solution Ecologist)

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