Our Homophobic President, etc.

I woke up yesterday to President Bush’s press conference, which because it was not totally scripted, made him sound like the complete moron he is. I find it not only terribly offensive that he would be looking into banning gay marriage or civil unions, but it’s just the kind of close-mindedness that I have come to expect from our president. If there’s someone out there that could give me an answer to how a gay marriage or civil union harms you, I would love to hear it.

Apparently our president isn’t hip to what people are watching on television.

In somewhat related news, Israeli parliment passed a measure that would essentially banish any Palestinian that marries an Israeli to “prevent terror attacks.” That’s fucking brilliant. No, really. I have a novel idea…stop fighting. Yeah yeah, I know it seems like a no-brainer, but there is choice, is there not? And don’t someone go mounting their high horse telling me I don’t understand what’s going on there or that there’s some rational reason to keep bombing the shit out of one another. There’s isn’t.

Shut Your Hole

Over the last week, I’ve been reading and hearing stories about how the hole in the ozone layer is recovering. I mean, who wouldn’t be happy about this, right? In some cases no news is good news, especially when it comes to environmental news, such as this. I can’t help but think that someone, perhaps in the current administration, will use this as fuel to ease up on the restrictions that have been put into place with regards to chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). See what I’m getting at here?

A Playlist For July

Another month, another bunch of songs to keep you entertained. This compilation in particular features some great new bands/artists that you may not know about yet, but you will. Happy downloading.

01 Kenna . Man Fading
from the album New Sacred Cow

02 The Dandy Warhols . We Used To Be Friends
from the album Welcome To The Monkey House

03 Athlete . You Got The Style
from the album Vehicles & Animals

04 Earlimart . We’re So Happy (We Left The Piano In The Truck)
from the album Everyone Down Here

05 Calexico . Woven Birds
from the album Feast Of Wire

06 Mogwai . Hunted By A Freak
from the album Happy Songs For Happy People

07 Ms. John Soda . Misco
from the album No P. Or D.

08 Morcheeba . Slow Down
from the album Charango

09 Lisa Germano . Pearls
from the album Lullaby For Liquid Pig

10 Christopher O’Riley . Knives Out
from the album True Love Waits: Christopher O’Riley Plays Radiohead

11 The Polyphonic Spree . Days Like This Help Me Warm
from the album The Beginning Stages Of…

12 Pat Metheny . And Time Goes On
from the album One Quiet Night

13 Damien Rice . Volcano
from the album O

14 Guster . Careful
from the album Keep It Together

15 Longview . Further
from the album Mercury

16 Death In Vegas . Scorpio Rising
from the album Scorpio Rising

17 Grandaddy . El Caminos In The West
from the album Sumday

18 Eels . Dirty Girl
from the album Shootenanny!