[UPDATED] Howard Stern has been taken off “suspended” from the air by Clear Channel. Not because of him doing anything more outrageous or offensive than usual, but because of pressure from the FCC as a direct result of the Janet Jackson halftime show. Whether you are a fan of Howard Stern or not isn’t the issue here, it’s about freedom of speech and the fact that right-wing conservatives are trying to dictate what is appropriate and what is offensive. It’s Unamerican. Plain and simple. I urge everyone to read up about the issue and take some action. Take 5 minutes out of your day to write some emails.

Yahoo article
Forbes article
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Hollywood Reporter article
Clear Channel press release on new decency standards

Let Clear Channel know what you think and then let the FCC know what you think.

Wheel Me Downstairs (Beta)

I finally picked up a copy of iLife ’04 for my Mac. I had been reading so much about GarageBand, that I had to give it a try. The result is a simple down-tempo techno tune called “Wheel Me Downstairs.” It’s the first song I have ever done. It took me about three hours and I’m most definitely not finished, but it’s a start. One of the rather funny things about someone like me trying to make electronic music is that I just can’t seem to fight the urge to make it a three-minute pop song. How many three-minute electronic songs do you know? Well, here’s one for you.