Joseph Hathaway

Joseph emailed me today to inquire as to what happened to the old site and to let me know he wanted to send his EP to me. I went to his web site and really enjoyed the four songs he posted. They are lovely songs to enjoy on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Judge for yourself.

Another Jeff Buckley Release?

When I read stuff like this, I can’t help but feel a bit sad and want to cry, ‘foul.’ Yes, Jeff Buckley was one of the most amazing musical artists to come along in my lifetime, but he released one proper album. Since he drowned in 1997, every b-side, outtake and frankly, a lot of garbage has been released by his estate (his mom). Having read quite a bit about Jeff, I don’t know if he would have been so happy about all of it. He was a perfectionist, probably to a fault. Anyway, it’s not my place to say and I’ll probably shell out the money to buy “Grace” (again) in all of it’s expanded, super-sized glory.

Free Again

I will start the month of June as a free agent. Yep, that’s right, I’ve left my job. And no, I don’t have much of a plan, another job or much of anything at the moment, but that will all come soon enough. I have to say it feels really good to leave something when you’re heart’s not in it. It was one of those situations where I started getting a feeling that I wasn’t doing the “right” thing with regards to my career. I couldn’t be more thankful that I gave it a shot though. I gained a lot of skills, a new appreciation for attention to details and a tremendous amount of respect for assistants. You never know until you try and you’re never too old to start over again. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some unemployment paperwork to fill out.