Help In Sudan

If you don’t know what’s going on in Sudan, you must educate yourself immediately. The Janjaweed, the Arab militia that, in the name of ethnic cleansing, are displacing non-Arabs into camps. U.S. Congressman Elijah E. Cummings (Chair, Congressional Black Caucus) sent out a mass email which I received. It asked for people to sign a petition to President Bush, which you should also do. This is not a party issue. This is a human issue and you can make a difference.

Don’t Vote Ralph

I think it goes without saying, but I will say it anyway… Bush must go. I was watching The Daily Show last night and it reminded me how important it is that people NOT vote for Ralph Nader. There are people out there (myself included) that don’t trust Kerry, but if there’s another four years of Bush, we’re gonna be in real trouble. Unfortunately, I see Kerry as the lesser evil. One of the reasons, aside from the obvious, that I will be voting for Kerry in November is because he offers a chance of repairing the damage done. Bush (and the rest of his administration) have brought shame on America. He’s made us look like a bully and the international community is responding out of fear and hate. Our image is tarnished and it needs some polishing. Kerry is the only chance we have. I know you’ve heard it before: a vote for Nader is a vote for Bush, and it’s never been more true. Now is not the time to make a statement by voting for Nader. Your priority, if you care at all, should be to get Bush out of office. And frankly, if Ralph Nader gave a shit about our country, he would drop out of the race. I feel very strongly about this. Please, think about the impact before you vote for Nader in November.

Healthy Bullshit

I spotted a billboard for the new Coke C2 yesterday that said ‘1/2 the politics and all of the party,’ and I was baffled. Does it have something to do with the fact that we’re in an election year? I’m just stupid, aren’t I? Yes, that’s it. What pisses me off even more, is that Splenda (which everyone and their mother is using to reduce carbs) is being hyped as the best artificial sweetner. I got news for ya, just because it’s derived from sugar doesn’t mean it is sugar. Far from it, actually. I think Lance at glassdog said it best:

People, it’s very simple: Everything in moderation. Want a donut? Eat a fucking donut. Don’t eat six fucking donuts! Fuck!

My Lotion May Cause Cancer

I was having a discussion with A. the other day… Come to think of it, cancer has been the topic of conversation recently because more than ever we both know people with cancer or know someone who knows someone with cancer or that died of cancer. Cancer is everywhere, people. And if cancer doesn’t get you, the terrorists probably will. I’m reading through my daily web sites and notice a link to The Environmental Working Group, which has a web site devoted to telling you how all the shit you put on your face, body and scalp could kill you, or at least make life real miserable. My initial response is just what they were looking for. ‘HOLY SHIT, I’M THROWING MY LOTION AWAY!’ On second though though, who knows how this company is funded. Who knows what the real aim of this site is. I’m all for organizations and people posting things on the Interweb, but this alarmist bullshit has got to stop! Live life people. Don’t believe the hype. And wear sunscreen! [via glassdog]