The Ryan Schierling Interview

I don’t even remember how I came across Ryan’s photography. I think one of us had emailed the other and had a mutual admiration for what the other was doing. At the time we first made contact, I was shooting at least a show or two per week and posting the photos on my site (then Jeans And A T-Shirt). Since switching everything over to this site, I have yet to post all of those archives. I’m in the process of putting things in albums. In any event, Ryan recently launched his new portfolio site and I had a chance to have a conversation with him earlier this week. He also gave me a few photos to use that aren’t on his site.
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On The Personal Front…

Since you asked… I’ve been trying to stay away from the computer lately, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been so successful. I’ve actually been working on a few things lately (including getting some work). A’s store is opening very soon, so I have been doing a few things for her, including a wicked mix of music for her to play in the store. She’s got a fancy Grand Opening happening in early August. As soon as she gives me the go-ahead, I’ll post a little something here about it so you California Girls can go give her your money. It’s gonna be quite the swanky shop. I’m doing some part-time Mac consulting, so if you’re in need of some Mac assistance, please let me know. You can email me at brad[at] I’ve been doing it for the better part of 10 years, so you’d be in good hands. Umm… lessee… what else… OH, Ryan Schierling launched his new site, which is fantastic. Expect an interview with him in the next week. He agreed to it and I’m holding him to it. All this time off, and I haven’t spent a single moment putting my rock photos in any kind of album or anything. Maybe I’ll get on that. I decided to dedicate some time to Driving Votes. Aside from all the ranting I do around here, I figured I would lend some of my time to a good cause. I’ve been writing a lot lately and working on the final edits of a short story, which I’ll post once it’s done. I’ve been doing tons of Buddhist stuff and listening to great music. I already have all the tracks ready for the August mix, just have to sequence. Maybe I’ll get it done early for a change. Oh, and make sure you check out the post about Ali G giving the Harvard commencement speech. A friend who graduated sent me the link. I’ve posted some new albums worth checking out. I decided to debut a new addition to the site in the form of an MP3 of the week. It’s called Weekly Fix. Get it.

Wolverine Is Pissed!

I don’t usually post much, if anything about Hollywood bullshit, though I’ll admit to reading far too much gossip web sites. Anyway, so I thought it was funny that a reporter decided to write Superman a letter as Wolverine. And frankly, I’m bummed… if this is all true. No X3? WTF? I could give a shit about Superman. I want a third X-Men film. I know, none of this matters. I’ll stop.

Worried About Homos?

If you are as concerned as I am about children growing up to be full-blown homosexuals, contributing to the downward spiral of our society, then you should probably brush up on prevention tips. God knows (or at least a few people from Arizona know) homosexuality leads to beastiality and keeps those terrible kiddie porn web sites in business. Straight people would never ever think of, oh I don’t know… fucking a sheep or sucking off a dog (I’ll spare you the links).

We live in a society where a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT was brought before congress banning gay marriage. It failed to pass the Senate. If you had any questions about whether the Bush administration was trying to push some bible-thumping moral agenda on the American people, I think you now have an answer. I love how the Bush administration pushes for “family values,” yet his vice president is willing to sell his gay daughter for votes. The Bush administration does not represent my America.

Ali G Lives!

Someone at Harvard decided that Ali G should give the commencement speech.

You iz de elite, u will be tomorrow’s captains of industry. Sittin infront of me is probly da next Bill Gates, Donald Trump…or even Ronald Mcdonald. And even if you can’t all be Ronald himself, most of you iz probably McDonald’s Team Leader material. By da way, if any of u ever gets to do business wiv Sir Ronald, a word of hadvice – don’t mention de size of his feet….him iz well sensitive about it. Me mate Dave hactually met him, and he said dat even tho him may seem like he’s always smiling, dere’s a sadness in de eyes…coz of dem feet. All de money in de world – and science still can’t do nothing. Maybe dat’s something dat some of u M.I.T. nerds can fink about innit.

Certainly to be considered one of the finest speeches of the 21st Century. I must see video for this! You can see the video [Real Media link – his is the last speech], which is way more funny than the new episode I saw. [via TMN]

Support Gay Marriage

If you live in California, you can make a quick phone call (takes less than a minute) to Governor Schwarzenegger to let him know you support gay marriage. His office is conducting a phone poll, and as you can probably imagine the right wing conservatives are flooding the poll. Make the call and make a difference. Here’s how it works:

Call (916) 445-2841
On the phone tree, press in order:
Press #5 for “Hot Issues.”
Press #1 for Same Sex Marriage.
Press #1 to support gay marriage in California (my suggestion).
You’re done.