My First Weblog

In going through the archives this afternoon, I found a screen grab of my first personal web site (circa 1998). That’s me sitting on my old green pleather sofa with Holly in Kansas. A girl that I dated in college named Krista McGlohon(sp?) took the photo.


The year was 1996(?) and I was sitting in my home office in Lawrence, Kansas. I had just finished working and I was, of course, in front of my computer with a Connectix QuickCam pointed at me. I’m sure I had a cigarette in my mouth, my hair was platinum blonde and I was videoconferencing on CU-SeeMe with a bunch of online friends. Redboy was one of those friends and we were always talking about music, specifically of the electronic variety. There are a couple of albums I remember us talking about. One of them was Becoming X by Sneaker Pimps. Why am I waxing nostalgic about Sneaker Pimps? I was browsing some MP3 weblogs and found a site that posted "6 Underground," and it triggered a pretty vivid memory. I’m too lazy to paint the picture in its entirety, but it was fun to think about. It even motivated me to go through some of my archives and dig out some screen grabs.

My Brother, The Author

My brother has been working on a book over the last year and it’s finally hitting the shelves in the next few weeks. If you are a poker player, you need this book. And he needs your money. Do us both a favor, won’t you?

California Love

California is very fortunate to have such an amazing senator. When you read about all of the back slapping going on in politics, nothing is quite as refreshing as a strong political voice rising above it all. Enter my senator, Barbara Boxer. I have voted for her every time. An appearance at Condoleezza Rice’s confirmation hearing made me proud to be a constituent.

Dr. Rice, before I get to my formal remarks, you no doubt will be confirmed — that’s at least what we think.  And if you’re going to become the voice of diplomacy — this is just a helpful point — when Senator Voinovich mentioned the issue of tsunami relief, you said — your first words were, "The tsunami was a wonderful opportunity for us."

Wow, that must’ve hurt a bit. And that was just her opening statement.

Visiting The Skaters

Nearly two weeks with out sun light really sucks. At least I know I would never be able to live in Seattle, not that I’m thinking of leaving Los Angeles. Anyway, after a visit to the bank, I took the long way home and stopped by to watch the skaters on Venice Beach. The kid you see in the photo was amazing! He couldn’t have been much older than 12, but he was all over the place, landing some pretty amazing tricks.

Over-Blogged Bands

Coolfer vents about the most over-blogged bands of 2004. Some of it is pretty genius, like this bit about U2:

A breather would be nice, but with their virtual box set coming out
soon on iTunes, the band is going to claim more bandwidth. Good thing
they’re relatively old, otherwise we’d probably hear a lot more about

My brother was saying something the other day about how Bono is the biggest cheese ball in the world. I think Bono is a fine elderly statesman, but seriously, what the hell was he thinking with the whole kicking and shaking thing he does in the iPod commercial?