Digital Mu$ic Prices: Going Up?

According to a Financial Times article labels are looking to raise the price of digital downloads. I happen to be of the opinion that the $0.99/$9.99 pricing scheme is the sweet spot. I still purchase CDs in stores, but I also download quite a bit as well. I’m just barely comfortable not having the physical product and all of the limits that come with music files that contain DRM. If they decide to raise prices, I probably will buy more CDs in stores and download even less. While I have somewhat of a moral objection to illegally downloading music (without purchasing it somewhere else), I’m sure raising prices would push a lot of people over the edge and music piracy would again be on the rise. I sure wish the labels would stop being so damn greedy.

$20 Jeans (A Short Story)

We were having a conversation about the fact that the guy that Elizabeth had started dating a week ago wasn’t for her. She was explaining that he was really nice, but that he was pretty different from her. Actually, she made it abundantly clear that he was very different from her. During a conversation with our cousin Laurel earlier that afternoon, she used some form of ‘he’s really different from me’ many, many times.

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With as much rain as we’ve been getting, I seem to need a little extra sunshine these days. I can always count on the Venice boardwalk to provide some entertainment. These breakdancers were great. Between you and me, I used to breakdance. My brother and I took lessons. Joe Nackman and I would dress up in our breakdancing outfits and bust moves at parties and stuff. I think photos exist somewhere.

When I Grow Up…

When I’m sitting around thinking about the fact that I am never satisfied with what I am doing in life (which is pretty often), I dream about all kinds of things I want to do for a living. It’s not really any different than when you were a kid. You just have more choices now. Or rather you are aware of so many things that people make a living doing. One of the recurring jobs I think about is being a photographer. Next to music, it’s the one thing I can sit down with and forget about all of the other junk in my head.

If you’ve not explored flickr, you must. I was checkout out the flickr blog this afternoon and it pointed me to one of the most fantastically creative sets of photos I have ever seen. I was in awe and looked at them over and over again. I am blown away by the creativity of some people. I love it.

War Causes Terrorism

Reading over some news, I came across a pretty fantastic quote from CIA Director, Porter Goss:

"The Iraq conflict, while not a cause of extremism, has
become a cause for extremists," Goss told the Senate Select
Committee on Intelligence.

Umm, no shit. What angers me to a large degree is that it takes someone like Goss to bring this issue out into the open. And that doesn’t even mean it will be discussed. I suppose it’s among the many costs of doing war, but that doesn’t mean we should just let it go.

When I read stuff like that, I can’t help but get angry. I always have more to say than I’m actually writing. Unfortunately, we’ll be the ones that reap what Bush sows.

Gaga For Google

I love Google. It really all comes down to that. If you haven’t read about the buzz surrounding Google Maps, then you owe it to yourself to check it out. Make sure you’re using Firefox though or you won’t be able to see all of the goodness. I also just received an email from Google inviting me to Gmail, which could be an indicator that they are about to finally take it out of beta. Does it matter at this point though? Who doesn’t have a Gmail account by now?

Theoretical Fun

marv on record shows you how to download 252 80-minute CD’s worth of music from Napster (and keep it). I have to imagine with all of the press this is getting, the people at Napster are hard at work to close up the holes. I might be tempted, if only I were a PC user and had three spare computers laying around. This is the kind of thing that makes me fall in love with the internets all over again.