Sneaking Up On Michael Miller

I saw Michael Miller play at the Hotel Cafe on Wednesday evening. When I walked in, I saw michael messing around on stage and was able to get right in front of him without having him notice.

The show was fantastic and he even broke out a couple of new songs. My favorite was a song that had "suicide" in the chorus, but I don’t know the name of it. Minnie was in attendance, which was kinda neat. She even gave Michael some English candy. I think she may be crushing.

A band called Goldspot played after Michael. Apparently everyone was there to see them because the crowd went crazy. According to their site, they’re playing every Wedensday evening in May at 9pm. I highly recommend them. You can pick up their album at the iTunes Music Store, which I did.

Socially Networked

I’ve been exploring social networking sites over the last month. Doing a little "research." I think I now have some semblance of a profile on nearly every single one. I jumped on the Friendster thing (and then off) so long ago and then went to MySpace, which I actually still check out every once in a while. The stuff they are doing with music is fantastic and I’ve actually found some unsigned bands I like. One of them was nice enough to send me a CD for free because I said I would mention them on my blog (LOL!). I feel kinda bad about it, but I’ll send them some cash for the CD, if only I can figure out where i put the CD. I’m getting off-topic here… So everyone is trying to create the perfect social networking site. I’m not sure what the equation is, but MySpace seems to be doing something right. A year ago no one cared about them and now they are among the most highly visited sites on the net. I don’t mean to make this whole thing about MySpace, but they’re the only ones who are doing it right. Yahoo 360 is neat too. If anyone wants an invite, let me know. I was checking out Microsoft’s thing as well, which is a mess. Good thing not too many people are using it yet. I’m happy to hand out invites for that as well. Just leave all your details in the comments. Oh, but my favorite to date is theAssbook. Best. Name. Evar.

This Is An EP

I composed this post about the state of the online music stores and digital downloading. I was in the process of editing when I started reading Om’s take on Yahoo music. Following the read, I decided to just scrap the long, drawn-out take on it.

In music industry parlance, this is an EP, not the full album!

That’s one of the best explanations that I have read.

Only 1833 Days Left

Owen sent me an IM to ask if I was going to his 31st surprise birthday party. Owen isn’t 30 and clearly it wasn’t going to be a surprise. When I told him I wasn’t going to be there, he told me it was okay because he would be turning 31 again in five years. I told him I would be counting down the days. He then offered to remind me every day. I told him it would be great if he could slap together an RSS feed that reminded me. He obliged. Now everyone will know when Owen turns 31 (again).