e4b Review

I don’t remember where I read about e4b, but I impulsively purchased one of their sampler cases. They arrived a few days later and I popped them in the refrigerator. The thought of sucking down warm fruit puree was not appealing. The flavors were Strawberry Banana (good), Mango (not so good), Pear Caramel (good, but sounds not good – they should come up with a different name), Kiwi (haven’t tried it yet) and Blueberry Raspberry (my favorite). The consistency is pretty smooth. You’re half expecting it to be more liquid, but it’s like a thick shake or smoothy. I joked with Audrey that it was like baby food for adults, which is probably pretty spot-on. They are very refreshing and not too sweet. I would definitely be more inclined to eat/drink one of these than slicing up some fruit. It’s a perfect way to eat fruit on the go. The packaging is cool, but I can’t help thinking about its impact on the environment, which probably isn’t so great. I wonder if there’s some way to recycle the containers. Maybe I’ll talk to the company and ask them about it.

Email problems

If you don’t get excited about MX records, DNS propagation or technical explanations you might want to sit this one out. About four years ago I signed up for Fastmail.fm and moved all of my email. My domain is parked with GoDaddy and they don’t offer IMAP email access, so I had to find something else. Many people raved about Fastmail.fm and I’ve had very few complaints about them over the past few years. Until yesterday morning. I wasn’t receiving emails and when I went onto the status page, this is what I read:

Server3 died about 1/2 hour ago. I am looking at it now.


UPDATE: it was a filesystem bug, most frustrating. I needed to
reboot the server, which takes about 8 minutes – so probably another 20
minutes down all together while I check and start everything

UPDATE 2: seems that the filesystem will need a full check, which will take a couple of hours.

I could deal with a couple of hours. I was pissed, but there wasn’t anything pressing going on. A couple of hours went by and then the status page basically said it would take a full day to get things back up. At this point I was pissed and a little freaked out considering I had 1.5 gigs of email on their server, most of which is backed up locally.
I woke up this morning and the outage was still happening. At this point, emails were starting to bounce and after giving it some thought, I decided it was time to change the MX records for my personal domain, even if it was temporary. So now my email is being hosted on DreamHost and is working perfectly. Looks like DNS has propagated because of all the spam, something I’m not used to dealing with. SpamSieve is now installed to use with Apple Mail.

I don’t know if I’ll leave Fastmail.FM for good or not. I suspect that I’m not going to have much of a choice. 24 hours of downtime is unacceptable for a service I pay for. The latest is that it will be an additional 24 hours, which will probably make this outage over 72 hours. You know what? Now that I’m typing this, I’m getting more pissed off about it. They are a really great company that grew to fast and it may be to their demise. Too bad.

I feel especially sorry for those people who aren’t as technically inclined and wouldn’t know how to change their MX record. If any of you happen to be reading this, please email me with questions and I will do my best to help you out.