Ditching the Jack for the Berry

I couldn’t take it anymore. While the BlackJack is nice to look at and the 3G stuff is kinda neat, I just wanted a device that worked well as a phone and email/texting device. After spending a month with the BlackJack, I wrote a letter to our Cingular B2B rep saying that the BlackBerry simply wasn’t a usable device. The main reason was the terrible battery life, which is well-documented all over the place. Of course I had other reasons for not liking the device. The fact that it took me several more steps to do something on the BlackJack that I could do in a couple on the BlackBerry was one of the most bothersome aspects of using the device. I don’t like having to install hacks on my device to make it easier to use, which you have to do with the BlackJack. There was a terrible typing lag on the device which caused me to constantly misspell words and made overall less productive. So I got Cingular to take back the BlackJack and I bought the 8700c. I’m not happy about the size of the BlackBerry, but it just works. The phone is great and I can email and text with ease. BlackBerry, I’m sorry I ever left you and I’ll likely never go back to a Windows Mobile device. I’ve been burned too many times.

If you’re a BlackBerry user, make sure you check out the following web sites which offer great advice and are full of tips from other users.

BlackBerry Cool

Also worth checking out it is pinppl, which is somewhat of a social networking site based around PIN messaging.

What A Dick

I’m sure John Stewart will have something to say about this on Tuesday, but let me direct your attention to a nice quote from Dick Cheney about the escalation of troops in Iraq.

“If the United States doesn’t have the stomach to finish the task in Iraq, we put at risk what we’ve done in all of those other locations.”

Of course, this really isn’t surprising coming from the same guy who also said:

“The notion that, somehow, developing the resources in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Reserve requires some sort of vast despoiling of the environment up there is just garbage.”

And who also said:

“Conservation may be a sign of personal virtue but it is not a sufficient basis for a sound, comprehensive energy policy.”

What a dick.

Thoughts On the iPhone


In case you were under a rock all day, Apple announced the highly anticipated iPhone. Every time Apple comes out with a new product, I lust after it. Lots of people do. Apple takes products, adds their magic and leapfrogs anything else in the market and then everyone tries to play catch-up. It’s an incredible thing to watch. If I were to think up a dream phone, it would be made by Apple. Nothing comes close and the iPhone goes beyond anything I could have dreamed up on my own. The price is steap and I doubt I will be picking one up. It’s too much of a consumer device (right now). I can’t imagine typing emails on a virtual keyboard. If I had my way, I’d stop using email all together and just text and IM, but I don’t think that’s going to be a trend business embraces anytime soon, so I’m stuck with a bulky device that has a keyboard when I’m not sitting in front of my Mac. Why Cingular?? I had to switch to CIngular for work and I couldn’t be less happy. Who doesn’t have 24 hour customer support? And the support is abominable at best. Congrats to Apple on doing it again. It’s a gorgeous device.

In Search of Emptiness

I just got finished reading Paul Theroux’s editorial in the NY Times. He talks about how population has impacted his life, especially the way that open spaces and solitude are harder to come by. It’s a wonderful read, even it is depressing. I struggle with wanting to have the convenience of living in one of the biggest cities in he world and wanting to live in a cabin in Montana. It’s something I constantly think about. I’ll take solo road trips just to be on the open road. I love it. I have amazing road trip memories from my childhood. My family drove to colorado many times and I always loved the road. America is filled with so much beauty and California is especially gorgeous. Visiting national parks, small towns and camping in the desert are some of the best things to do here. Oh, the wanderlust…

My First

Kttunstall Platinum Plaque1

I got to work this morning and started the new year off in an awesome way. I received my first platinum album for KT Tunstall‘s album “Eye To The Telescope.” Almost a year ago to the day (January 24th to be exact) I produced a show with her at Schubas in Chicago. It was the first show with Network LIVE (now Control Room) on which I worked quite a bit. I was a huge fan of KT’s before she released her album in the U.S., so I am really psyched about having a plaque for doing a little to help her sell some albums.