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Here you will find a collection of covers from Radiohead’s catalog as performed by indie and alternative artists from the past several years. I tried not to source too hard from any one tribute (The Stereogum tribute was hard not to borrow heavily from), and did my best to keep away from random live covers (sadly, there are 5 included). All in all, I stuck with some of my favorites and some new ones that I had previously not known existed. Are there some covers that I missed – sure. Most of those were instances of choosing who I felt covered a particular track the best. In the case of “All I Need”, I just included two bonus versions at the end because I couldn’t decide which I liked best, so I leave it to you, the listener.

So without further ado, here are classic songs by Radiohead as re-interpreted by artists over the years.

PLAYLIST: (individual tracks have links, full mixtape link at bottom)

  1. doveman – AIRBAG
  2. wolf gang – PYRAMID SONG
  4. robotanists – SEPARATOR
  5. ingrid michaelson – CREEP
  6. the twilight sad – CLIMBING UP THE WALLS
  7. amanda palmer – IDIOTEQUE
  8. vampire weekend – EXIT MUSIC (FOR A FILM)
  9. someone still loves you boris yeltsin – ARPEGGI / WEIRD FISHES
  10. chris walla – POLYETHELENE (PARTS 1 & 2)
  11. the flaming lips – KNIVES OUT
  12. gillian welch – BLACK STAR
  13. marissa nadler – NO SURPRISES
  15. my brightest diamond – LUCKY
  16. gnarls barkley – RECKONER
  17. bat for lashes – ALL I NEED
  18. christopher o’reilly – TRUE LOVE WAITS
  19. peter gabriel – STREET SPIRIT (FADE OUT)

Bonus Versions of “ALL I NEED” by Banjo or Freakout // Ben Gibbard


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We grew up in an age of excited, roiling change in the music and film worlds, but the vicissitudes of the technologies and industries involved made the logistics of merely keeping up—much less being an expert—a time-consuming, expensive, and sometimes impossible chore. I won’t bore you with the details, but let me tell you—it was a drag.

Actually, I will bore you with the details. The music you wanted to hear wasn’t played on the radio and you couldn’t find the records you wanted to buy. You couldn’t even find the magazines that told you what records you should want to buy. It was almost impossible to see filmed footage of the artists you wanted to see.

Lester Bangs’ Basement

What it means to have all music instantly available.

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Who is Epsilon and why does it have my data?

Who is Epsilon and why does it have my data?