Watched this last night and was floored. It’s enough to make any reasonable person feel angry and pretty hopeless. I’m not sure what else I’m supposed to feel after watching this except to get more involved in politics. 


60 Minutes — Jack Abramoff: The Lobbyist’s Playbook

Without massive overhaul of our current system, we are so completely screwed. Let this be the beginning of the end of the wholesale abduction of our democracy.


So it may be time to consider the possibility that young people who behave as if privacy doesn’t exist are actually the sane people, not the insane ones. For someone like me, who grew up sealing my diary with a literal lock, this may be tough to accept. But under current circumstances, a defiant belief in holding things close to your chest might not be high-minded. It might be an artifact—quaint and naïve, like a determined faith that virginity keeps ladies pure. Or at least that might be true for someone who has grown up “putting themselves out there” and found that the benefits of being transparent make the risks worth it.