HOLO Magazine 

Kickstarter project to fund publishing of premium-quality Arts + Tech magazine, by the people behind the excellent Creative Applications site:

HOLO is a new magazine that explores the convergence of art, science and technology, brought to you by the team at CreativeApplications.Net (CAN). An extension to one of the most authoritative art and technology blogs, HOLO is dedicated to rich, detailed stories that demand time and attention. With HOLO we are committed to telling these stories – attentively and expertly – in a patient, spacious medium that does them justice.

Published twice per year, each issue of HOLO will be comprised of 150-200 pages and provide intimate views into fascinating studios, workshops, galleries and institutions around the world, seen through the eyes of stellar photographers and talented writers. The pace, depth and sensibility of print allows us to invest heavily in each story, and craft months of research, travels and conversations into nuanced portraits you won’t find anywhere else. In addition to extensive artist features, each issue will contextualize current trends and topics in visual essays, sweeping surveys, theory, opinion and experimental formats big and small. Each issue’s carefully curated cast of interdisciplinary artists, scientists, technologists and toolmakers will help us map exciting new territory that doesn’t need to be covered faster, but captured better.

You can find out more at the project’s Kickstarter page here

Looking forward to this!

Topspin Tumblr: Future Sound Presentation: Nov. 2012

Topspin Tumblr: Future Sound Presentation: Nov. 2012






This is not a drill people! Hostess might be going out of business and if they do, all of these will be a thing of the past.


more accurately: workers at hostess are currently striking and hostess is threatening to go to bankruptcy court and file for liquidation unless they immediately stop striking and return to work.

Aw shit, a bunch of processed, manufactured, partially baked goods filled with shit that barely qualifies as food might not be available if the company that makes them decides that paying their employees decent wages is just too unfair, man. I guess we can’t support worker’s rights any more after all.

And nothing of value was lost.

Can’t wait to see companies like Hostess go out of business. I feel awful for the people that are going to suffer from losing their jobs though.