It’s true what he says though – there is no subject position from which it’s ok to talk about inequality – if you’re poor you are doing it out of jealously, if you’re not poor you’re doing it out of guilt/saviour complex, if you are young it’s just a phase, if you’re old you are hankering for times long gone and trying to recapture your youth, if you’re not well educated you just don’t understand the complexity of the situation, if you are well educated you’re in an academic bubble divorced from reality, if your politically apathetic you’re not allowed to complain, if you’re politically active you’re just trying to push your own sectarian agenda…

For every possible type of person there’s an established reason why your opinions on inequality are invalid. That’s not an accident.




A San Francisco turned Gotham City made a five-year-old Bat Kid’s wish come true.

Above, the San Francisco Chronicle printed a special edition of their paper in honor of Bat Kid, with articles written by none other than Lois Lane and Clark Kent.

Again, best sense of civic pride anywhere.

Hard not to love everything about this. Good job, city.

I love everything about this. Everything.