For their last studio album, In Through the Out Door (1979), Led Zeppelin’s design brief to Hipgnosis’ Storm Thorgerson and Aubrey Powell was simply “we don’t want anything too fucking weird.” What they got instead was one of the most excessive album packages of the 1970s. (via Codex 99)

Increasingly we will go about our lives and work not actually concerned with the living and working itself, but with being known for our lives and work. Our lives and work become nothing but source material for the promotion of our personalities. Ultimately, achievement and accomplishment come to mean nothing, if they are not mechanisms for propagating our individual cult stories.

from CAESURA LETTERS, which is one of the best email newsletters out there. 

So if you want to avoid being a useless destruction-magnet PowerPoint weenie you should learn how to – use an IDE and build a sample project – use FTP, make an HTML page with JavaScript and CSS in it – make an iPhone app and publish it – use github – use a shell and use emacs or nano or some editor – use Amazon Web Services EC2 and host something there

» Tech/startup people who are “not that technical” A.Sarva.Co (via gregcohn)

I would argue this isn’t just for tech/startup people who aren’t technical. It’s 2013. Learn to play with technology.

[V]accination is not an individual choice to be made by a parent for his or her own offspring. It’s a public health issue, because the diseases contracted by unvaccinated children are a threat to the community. That’s what public health is all about, and an overly tolerant approach to non-medical exemptions – and publicity given to anti-vaccination charlatans like Wakefield and McCarthy by heedless promoters like, sadly, Katie Couric, affect us all.