Filaments on the Inner Ring of the Helix Nebula

This cropped version of the Helix Nebula (also known as NGC 7293) mosaic shows cometary-filaments embedded along a portion of the inner rim of the nebula’s red and blue gas ring. The Nebula is in the constellation Aquarius at a distance of 650 light-years from Earth. The Helix is one of the nearest planetary nebulae to Earth and it a frequency target of study. Because of its ere stare it is sometimes called the “Eye of God”.

Credit: NASA/ESO/Hubble/Helix Imaging Team



my golden road was first time hearing Box of Rain


Today’s daily dose of the dead is the song “The Golden Road to Unlimited Devotion” from the March 18, 1967 show at the Winterland Arena in San Francisco. The song cuts in but this is a great song and the only live version I have. This is also the first time the dead ever played this live and they only did it 3 times.

I have heard great live versions of this by the Other Ones, Ratdog and Phil & Friends. This song is also played often during inning breaks at Fenway Park.

Of course the song describes well the devotion that many of us have for this music. For me the “Golden Road” was hearing the album Terrapin Station for the first time and then my first show on 1/10/79.

A really nice rarity for this Saturday!

“Well, everybody’s dancing in a ring around the sun, nobody’s finished, we ain’t even begun. So take off your shoes, child and take off your hat, try on your wings and find out where it’s at.”

Zappos has apparently decided it is no longer good enough to be a qualified hire who is interested in the job. An interested applicant must also spend unremunerated time pretending to engage in virtual social relationships with existing employees. The American economy has become so warped that it now appears reasonable to a subsidiary of a leading public company to require people who may never be hired to spent large amounts of time pretending to be friends with people with whom they may never work.

This represents the convergence of at least three disturbing trends in the current American economy: the long-term unemployment of large numbers of people and the consequent power given to any company which is hiring; the technology industry’s revival of old prejudices under catchy new names; and the way that technology increasingly erodes any sense that our work selves are merely a component of our lives, rather than the entirety of our existence.

Friends without Benefits | Blog | The Baffler (via buzz)

That’s some creepy, fucked up shit right there.