This is a PERFECT example of how Breaching Experiments work to disrupt the “norm” of everyday taken-for-granted life.

Watch as many people are left in awe and unable to know how to act.

Breaching experiments are fun but the dudes I’ve met who specialise in them are the smuggest: “yea, you’re right, I just breached a social norm, just call me the Banksy of research”

After Kitchen Confidential came out, I was 44. I was uninsured, I was broke and I was dunking fries into a fast food fryer. I understood that I got a pretty lucky break here and that it was statistically unlikely to happen again. I’ve been pretty careful about not f@cking up the opportunities that have comes since.


It’s never too late…

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This Kinetic Wall Of Clocks Is Utterly Hypnotic

Some things are just meant to be seen in motion. That’s certainly the case with A Million Times, a whirring board of almost 300 analogue clocks that exist in such a beautiful harmony with one another that they can segue from a pattern of rhythmically undulating waves to a full-functional digital watchface. A static image doesn’t do it justice.