There is more than one kind of thought. There are thoughts you cannot complete within a month, or a fiscal quarter, just as there are thoughts that can occupy less than a vacation period, a weekend, or a smoke break. Like the spectrum of photonic behavior, thoughts come in a nearly infinite range of lengths and frequencies, and always move at the exact pace of human life, wherever they are in the universe. Some thoughts are long, they can take years to think, or a lifetime. Some thoughts take many lifetimes, and we hand them off to the next generation like the batons in a relay race. Some of these are the best of thoughts, even if they can be the least productive. Lifetimes along, they shift the whole world, like a secret lever built and placed by the loving imaginations of thousands of unproductive stargazers.

The core issue of net neutrality isn’t whether or not a big corporation ought to have the freedom to maximize profit by choosing what to feature. No, the key issue is: what happens when users are unable to choose a different middleman?

The New Yorker rolls out metered paywall | Capital New York

The New Yorker rolls out metered paywall | Capital New York


It’s all internal in a way, but what I have come to realize is that everything that happens to you is part of a subconscious brain force that comes out of the music. I don’t sit there feeling like, Look, right now, I am quite melancholy or sad. Even if my music might feel that way to someone, I don’t sit around feeling like that. I don’t have a harrowing life story that caused my music to be a certain way. Like anyone’s life, things have happened but I don’t feel like it’s in my control. It just sort of happens, really.

The Rumpus Interview With Jon Hopkins


Pushing Freestyle Skateboarding Boundaries with @kilianmartinsk8

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“My philosophy is that if you land a trick right away, it’s not your personal best,” explains Kilian Martin (@kilianmartinsk8), a freestyle skateboarder who lives in Carlsbad, California. “There’s something else you can do with that trick to make it harder. A new variation, an extra flip, a spin.”

Innovation is central in Kilian’s approach to skateboarding. “I am really trying to develop and evolve the tricks I have done in the past,” he says.

Kilian moved to the United States from Madrid, Spain when he went professional. His unique blend of freestyle and street skating, which requires extraordinary strength and coordination, is made possible by years of gymnastics training. What looks effortless on video is actually the result of endless practice. “A lot of my new tricks take me hundreds of tries,” he says. “Often I am ready to give in to physical exhaustion before I end up landing it.”