A Couple Of Small Changes

I’ve been neglecting the site again. What, haven’t noticed? Okay, good. I added a master list of the entries…actually, it’s always been there, I just now made it accessable for anyone who wants to read everything or doesn’t want to browse by month. In going back through some of the entries I’ve discovered some internal links don’t work, so I am in the process of fixing those as I find them. Feel free to point them out as well.

Also, you may notice that I changed the tagline. I don’t what it is, but people just assume that Jeans And A T-Shirt has to do with apparel. If you read a single entry from on the site, you will certainly notice that I have nothing to do with the sale/manufacturing/resale/importing/exporting/ of jeans or t-shirts. Perhaps I’m missing out on a lucrative business opportunity, which someone will undoubtedly point out to me in the near future. Email comes in on a regular basis asking one of the following questions:

1) Will you consider carrying our line of fine denim/soft cotton clothing?
2) I see you are taking donations, but how do I purchase your jeans/t-shirts?
3) Can I smell your jeans/t-shirts?
4) Will you wear my jeans/t-shirts, not wash them and send them back to me?

The answer is no.

And then of course there are people who like to post things. To be honest, I have no idea if these people are serious, but it makes me laugh. I figure bringing attention to such posts will certainly lead to more like them.

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