A dream from this morning

Dominic and I were walking outside, but it wasn’t the outside we know. We were in the desert, walking along a freeway and there were lots of military vehicles all around. Mountains on right side of us and that’s the side of the street we were on. We started hearing a lot of jets and other types of aircraft and I remember talking to Dominic and saying, ‘I don’t like this. I feel like something is about to happen,’ or something like that. I can’t remember for sure, but I think Patrick was with us. All of the sudden you heard explosions and started seeing these machines crashing through the mountains. Dominic and I ran like hell. We were fully freaking out. At some point, I lost Dominic and Patrick. I still can’t remember for sure if Patrick was with us.

All of the sudden I was in a basement or some kind of shelter. There were a lot of other people there as well. Young people, mostly female, were crowded into a room. We heard explosions outside. I introduced myself to everyone.  I don’t remember anyone’s face, but I remember a blonde woman in front of me with a red shirt on. I think everyone was wondering when it would be safe again. All of the sudden, this black guy appeared. I don’t remember what he said, but he did it in an authoritarian way and everyone seemed to listen to him. Basically, it felt as though he knew what he was talking about and everyone followed him out.

We were in some sort of village when we got out. There was a body of water, maybe even like a fountain in what seemed like a central square. Dominic and I met up there. Somehow we both knew that was where to meet. There was some guy that Dominic introduced me to. He was carrying around some nice, new Nike sneakers. I thought they were nice and told him. He was kind of cocky about the whole thing. I noticed he was not just sitting on a toilet, but he was actually going to the bathroom. No one seemed to care or be phased by this.

I turn around and see Patrick wandering around, looking for anyone that looks familiar. It was loud and when I called his name, there was too much ambient noise for him to tell where it was coming from. I cupped my hands around my mouth and yelled to him. He looked straight at me and made a run for me. I kneeled down to great him and he ran right into my arms and then tried to jump over my shoulders into the water. I didn’t want to let him go. I pulled him back down so his neck and head fit perfectly on my shoulder. I hugged him for a few moments. It was clear that he was over the fact that he found me and just wanted to get into the water. I turned around to check the distance he would have to jump in order to make the water and felt comfortable he could do it. I verbally released him and told him to get in the water.

He jumped over the fence with little grace and tumbled into the water with a big splash. I was immediately nervous. I couldn’t see him. Every second that passed felt like it was too long for him to be under water. I jumped down to where the water was and then saw his muzzle surface slowly. It didn’t seem like he was swimming well and that perhaps he was struggling. His muzzle slowly sank back under water and that’s when I woke up in a panic.