A Few Words on Andrew W.K.



As a fan every few months I check progress on the Andrew W.K. conspiracy theories to see if anything new has come forward.   Yesterday in my post part ‘til I puked state I stumbled upon this video where Andrew W.K. straight up admits to not being the original A.W.K. and the brainstorm of some suits.   I feel like I should be disappointed, but the amount of amazing stories I’ve heard about this dude out weighs any bummer time I feel.  Here are a list of my favs

1.  In 2002 I bought my brother, Robbie tickets to see him at Irving Plaza for his 12th Birthday.  Here is a picture from that night where he put my chubby at the time brother on his shoulders and danced around stage making all his dreams come true.

2. While in college a kid I used to bro-down with spent the last of his money attending an Andrew W.K. show.  He asked Andrew for an autograph, but the only piece of paper he had was a past due bill notifying him that is phone would be shut off if it wasn’t paid.   Once Andrew saw this he went into his bus and wrote the kid a check to pay his phone bill.

3. If you ever signed up for his mailing list he will call you to wish you a happy birthday or just say what’s up

4. I’ve also heard a number of stories where he would go back to kid’s dorms and party with them.

5.His twitter party tips are great

If these are the type of things corporations want to trick me into thinking are real then I bring on the trickery.  The only negative thing I have to say about the dude is I have never had a great time at  Santos Party House.