A Gmail Account For You

I have six Gmail invitations. The first six people to leave comments win, just make sure you fill in your email address when leaving the comment.

NOTE: Just cuz it might indicate 6 comments, doesn’t mean they’ve all been given away.

Congrats to the winners. If I get any more invitations, I will let you know. Thanks for playing.

9 thoughts on “A Gmail Account For You”

  1. I’ve still got a couple left. Don’t go by the number of comments 🙂 Chris, you were lucky number 4.

    As a side note, I did read somewhere that yahoo and hotmail are blocking invitations, so if those of you with yahoo accounts don’t/didn’t get the invites, unfortunately I cannot resend. You’ll have to take issue with yahoo (good luck :P)

  2. hi,
    i am not sure if you still have a couple or not. anyway, i enjoy your blog and i dont know if you are aware but ray lamontage (sp?) is performing at hotel cafe in late september again.

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