A Little Change

If you actually visit the site (as opposed to reading posts via RSS), you’ll notice that I updated the look of the site. I basically just updated the stylesheet, slapped a brand new, boring masthead on top and messed with some of the content that shows up along the sides. If something doesn’t look right or you have trouble with anything, please let me know. I know a few of you were having trouble leaving comments. Hopefully that will be fixed with the new code.

6 thoughts on “A Little Change”

  1. Hey Brian. Thanks for the catch. It should look okay now. I tried it in three different browsers. Incidentally, I do use Firefox as my default browser, but for some reason it was showing up fine on my end. Make sure you clear your cache before trying again. Let me know. Hope you are doing well.

  2. Thanks for letting me know. I’m glad you can see it well at work now and it’s not smooshed.

  3. hey brad:

    is that brian “mcgov’ner” mcgovney? the same brian who shared offices w/”nothin’ but piercings, ear plugs & tats” dalan?
    small world.
    great seeing you at fran’s gig by the way! wink wink.

  4. Indeed it is! He visits every so often. It was great to see you at the West Indian Girl show as well! Nudge nudge.

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