A Mix For November

I’m not going to bore you with how long this one took. Actually, yes I will. It took me a long time. I didn’t have enough songs, then I had too many, then the hip-hop that I wanted to include just wasn’t working. Whatever. Strip Music is one of the worst band names and I almost didn’t even listen to them because of it. Boy, am I happy I did. I was a little late to the Cold War Kids party. I just didn’t really get around to listening to them even though a trusted co-worker wouldn’t shut the fuck up about them. Speaking of hot band names, The Morning After Girls rock. Simple as that. Uh oh, the new Apples In Stereo leaked. You’re gain. I’ll still buy the record and so will you (unless you’re name is Shayna). I saw Chin Up Chin Up open for The Kooks and they were awesome. Their album left something to be desired, but I’ll spend some more time with it. I have no idea who The Blow are, but I love them and their album is fantastic poppy electro stuff. Yum. Magic Number have a new album have a new one coming. I was so sick of their last one, but the new material is refreshing as hell. You’re totally looking forward to the new Shins album. It’s ok to like them and Garden State. Wow, The Bees don’t sound as retro as they did on the last one. I’m still a fan. Charlotte is related to Serge, but you’d never know by listening to the music. No, not at all. No influence there. Nope. None. It’s so lovely and I’ve listened to it at least 50 times. Not that I need to justify putting a Nirvana song on my mix, but there’s a story behind this one. Dave Grohl started playing this one on the Foo Fighters’ acoustic tour. It’s actually all him on the track as well, but was released as a b-side on the “Heart-Shaped Box” single. It’s a really pretty song. Another singer-songwriter named Damien. He’s good though. I’m new to Radical Face. Eberg was an emusic discovery when I downloaded Home Video. I’ve been a fan of Squarepusher for a long time. I reckon most of you will skip this track because it can grate a little. I’ll admit it. Earlimart is one of those bands that I wish would just fucking rock out a little more than they do. When they write songs like this track, I can’t get enough. Oxford Collapse, I hardly know thee.

01 Sugar And Lime – Strip Music
02 Hang Me Up To Dry – Cold War Kids
03 Always Mine – The Morning After Girls
04 Skyway – The Apples In Stereo
05 Water Planes in Snow – Chin Up Chin Up
06 Parentheses – The Blow
07 Take A Chance – Magic Numbers
08 Phantom Limb – The Shins
09 Imaginary Girl – The Bees
10 The Song That We Sing – Charlotte Gainsbourg
11 Marigold – Nirvana
12 Hoquiam – Damien Jurado
13 Welcome Home, Son – Radical Face
14 I’m Moving To Wales – Eberg
15 Planetarium – Squarepusher
16 Don’t Take My Sunshine Away – Sparklehorse
17 Everybody Knows Everybody – Earlimart
18 Loser City – Oxford Collapse

* If you are the copyright holder of any of the posted MP3s and would like them taken down, please drop me a note and I will happily comply.

2 thoughts on “A Mix For November”

  1. ahaahaha! yeah, sadly I don’t think you or Elijah Wood will be able to sell me on Apples In Stereo. but hey, maybe there’re other Shayna’s out there that like them. I’ll leave it to them and all you other fanatics to get that new album! if they had a different singer, I think I’d give ’em more of a chance..

    thanks for sharing another great mix!

  2. oh dear, the comment box welcomed me back…I really need to get in the habit of listening to yr whole mix before I start writing. but…good choice on this song by The Blow! the song here got me to search…led me to their myspace page where there’s a song I heard one time and liked but didn’t catch info on. sweet!

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