A Playlist For July

Another month, another bunch of songs to keep you entertained. This compilation in particular features some great new bands/artists that you may not know about yet, but you will. Happy downloading.

01 Kenna . Man Fading
from the album New Sacred Cow

02 The Dandy Warhols . We Used To Be Friends
from the album Welcome To The Monkey House

03 Athlete . You Got The Style
from the album Vehicles & Animals

04 Earlimart . We’re So Happy (We Left The Piano In The Truck)
from the album Everyone Down Here

05 Calexico . Woven Birds
from the album Feast Of Wire

06 Mogwai . Hunted By A Freak
from the album Happy Songs For Happy People

07 Ms. John Soda . Misco
from the album No P. Or D.

08 Morcheeba . Slow Down
from the album Charango

09 Lisa Germano . Pearls
from the album Lullaby For Liquid Pig

10 Christopher O’Riley . Knives Out
from the album True Love Waits: Christopher O’Riley Plays Radiohead

11 The Polyphonic Spree . Days Like This Help Me Warm
from the album The Beginning Stages Of…

12 Pat Metheny . And Time Goes On
from the album One Quiet Night

13 Damien Rice . Volcano
from the album O

14 Guster . Careful
from the album Keep It Together

15 Longview . Further
from the album Mercury

16 Death In Vegas . Scorpio Rising
from the album Scorpio Rising

17 Grandaddy . El Caminos In The West
from the album Sumday

18 Eels . Dirty Girl
from the album Shootenanny!

15 thoughts on “A Playlist For July”

  1. Hey Brad,

    About 60 to 75% of the groups in your mixes are new to me. However, I don’t think your mixes have led to any album purchases. For me the internet is like one giant radio station that (if I search out the right sites) provides me with a never ending stream of new music I would never be exposed to otherwise. Sites like yours, internet radio stations like soma.fm, and p2ps have exposed me to a large number of groups and artists that I could never afford to listen to in a CD based world.

    If a particular group really excites me I will usually download their albums off soulseek (or audiogalaxy in the good old days). It’s not that I don’t buy CDs anymore but I am fairly particular as to where and when I dish out my cash for an album.

    The majority of my music money goes to live concerts. If a live show really turns me on I’ll buy a CD directly from the group after the show. The rest of my music money is directed at the purchase of local artists here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I was also a member of http://www.emusic.com for about a year where I managed to download more music weekly than I could actually listen to. I had to quit in order to consume the emusic collection I had built up. For me, obtaining music in a purely digital format is great because my apartment is small and my vinyl and CD collections are already quite large.

    The amount of money I spend on music has gone down drastically in the past 5 years but there are many reasons for that. The first being the two campus radio stations that started broadcasting here approximately 5 years ago. The second being my emusic account and internet streaming radio. The last being P2Ps, although I might argue that I wouldn’t have purchased 90% of the music I’ve downloaded via P2Ps.

    In closing, lets return to your mixes. Although they haven’t led to any CD sales for me, they have definitely opened my eyes to some really amazing artists. Ones that if they came through town I would definitely attend their shows, (and perhaps even buy their CDs afterwards).

    Sorry I didn’t list any of the artists you have exposed me to, but that list would be quite long. I’ve been fairly immersed in underground hip-hop and electronic based stuff lately so your mixes are always an interesting break.

  2. Just to give a contrary viewpoint about CD purchases, I picked up the Queens of the Stone Age, the Flaming Lips, and The Soundtrack Of Our Lives after listening to them on past monthly mixes.

    Thanks again for another monthly mix.

  3. yea – a new list as i am about to leave the city for a week w/ only ipod to listen to!!! thanks!!! 🙂

    p.s. i owe you an email on liz phair. definitely like a lot of it. LOVE “why can’t i” listen to it over and over.

  4. Wally – who are some of the bands you’ve found out about through my mixes. Just curious. Did you gi out and buy their albums or did you download them? This isn’t an interogation, but I’m going somwhere with this.

  5. Thorough indeed. 🙂 I have a couple mixes up on my site so I’ve spent some time debating the pros and cons with myself. Your inquiry opened the flood gates. haha.

  6. Wow – awesome (and thorough) info! Thank you Wally and Chris. Anyone else want to chime in on this topic, feel free.

  7. once again, a stellar mix. i particularly love the christopher o’riley version of “knives out”. truly haunting. thanks for doing this each month, it’s really appreciated!

  8. thanks for the monthly mixes…I’m always searching for new music and I enjoy many of your selections. Do you know of any other blogs that do similar lists or downloads as you do?


  9. kmac – You can search, but you will never find 🙂 Honestly, I have yet to run across another blog that does what I do (with regards to the monthly mixes), though I gotta think they exist, not that you really need to go anywhere else…really.

  10. …I have to inform you that the song you have listed as We’re So Happy – by Earlimart…is not in fact…that song. WHAT is it then?..I got no clue..but I really like it…PLEASE. Can you find out what it is?…I mean…I’d like to know. I have Earlimart’s Everyone Down Here CD..and It’s not on there…WHAT IS THIS SONG?

  11. That Earlimart track is right, it’s “We’re So Happy (We Left the Piano in the Truck),” the first track on the full-length. Thanks for the list, it’s quite good.

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