AH Vault: Building Your Own Social Network


Creating a social networking environment for your fan base is a critical part of achieving success in today’s music marketplace. By providing an online environment for people to frequent and engage with others who share their interests, artists further cement their fans’ connection to their work and their brands. Additionally, the benefits of perpetual interaction cannot be understated. Social communities allow for constant give and take with followers, rather than limiting the amount of direct correspondence that takes place to those times when the artist is in direct physical proximity to their fans. This creates a sense that the fans truly matter, and creates a relationship that is far more likely to pay positive dividends the next time the artist needs their support.

Building such a forum can present a challenge, however. Not all of us understand how to code and build a simple website, let alone how to establish something as complex and interactive as a basic forum community. This is where Ning.com comes in, allowing even the most novice computer user to create and manage a social network for their fans to frequent. In the video below, taken from Artists House Music, Randy Funke walks us through the basic sign up and set up process, demonstrating how simple the process can be and describing the benefits and potential for expansion that a platform like Ning can provide.

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Pretty cool stuff if you ask me.