All I Do Is Mix (Or So It Seems)

I just noticed the last two entries were mixes (neither of which are available anymore) and I haven’t actually written anything in a while. I guess reminiscing about my college days was something, but I haven’t commented much about anything going on in the world. I do pay attention, but that’s a lot of work in and of itself. I’ll give you some quickies:

  1. I think the California recall is stupid. Assunig the recall happens, we’re still broke and I still am living three doors down from an active oil refinery in the middle of Los Angeles.
  2. I’m keeping my eye on Retired Gen. Wesley Clark as a very viable candidate worthy of some volunteer time. I like what he has to say and I will do anything I possibly can to insure Bush doesn’t get a second term.
  3. The RIAA just sucks. I could go on and on about how inappropriate and unethical their tactics are, but we’ll just leave it at that.

Maybe if I get some more time I’ll expound on some things, but for now the quickies will just have to do. I did just update the calendar and list of stuff I’m listening to sections. Oh, and I have no idea why my bandwidth went through the roof after I put up a bunch of old songs. I guess people like the old stuff a lot or something.