And when Myspace crumbles and everyone scrambles to find a new home – we’ll be waiting for you with a shotgun, canned food and enough water to live off of for years safe in our .com bunker

Brian from the band Therefore I Am

Dealing with band identity issues after living off the land of the free [myspace, twitter, facebook, youtube] but not getting compensated.

Full post entitled: What the fuck is going on?

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As much as it may be from frustration, they’re making the right move by encouraging folks to interact through their site rather than the other channels. I just hope they don’t totally ignore the other channels. Yes, it’s tough to maintain all those presences, but you’ve got to serve your fans where they want to be served, to some extent. If you interact with them on their terms, they’ll come to your site and buy stuff when you ask them to.

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