And yet, to echo Kraus, I’d still rather live among PCs. Any chance that I might have switched to Apple was negated by the famous and long-running series of Apple ads aimed at persuading people like me to switch. The argument was eminently reasonable, but it was delivered by a personified Mac (played by the actor Justin Long) of such insufferable smugness that he made the miseries of Windows attractive by comparison. You wouldn’t want to read a novel about the Mac: what would there be to say except that everything is groovy? Characters in novels need to have actual desires; and the character in the Apple ads who had desires was the PC, played by John Hodgman. His attempts to defend himself and to pass himself off as cool were funny, and he suffered, like a human being. (There were local versions of the ad around the world, with comedians David Mitchell and Robert Webb as the PC and Mac in the UK).

Heh, Jonathan Franzen’s essay on what’s wrong with the world is pretty all over the place, particularly this part about the “insufferable smugness” of the Mac platform compared to PCs. 

The Archie Bunker of the internet age is not Evgeny Morozov, as it turns out.

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Go home Jonathan Franzen – you’re drunk.

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This is just too good.