Another Four Years

While I’m glad the election is over, I’m crushed by the results. I’m scared of what four more years of Bush will do, not only to our tremendously divided country, but to the world. While I was watching the returns and chatting with Michael over IM, he said something to the effect of, ‘this country will get what’s coming to it.’ It sounded like a threat and it sounded as if it was a bit hateful, but I see it from a different perspective now. I don’t think Americans really thought through exactly what it will mean to have Bush in office for another four years. And if I’m wrong, which I most certainly could be, then we are in a lot worse shape than I thought.

There is so much at stake over the next four years, especially now that the Republicans have even more more power in Congress. I suspect that lines will blur even more with regards to church and state, women’s rights will be trampled under foot, our nation’s debt will spin out of control and environmental policy will be virtually non-existent. All of this leaves me with a feeling of defeat. The thing that gets me the most is the reality that we live in a truly conservative country. The fact that “morality” played such a huge roll in people’s decision-making disgusts me, to say the least. Yet, what was probably the most disappointing aspect that came out of this process was the realization that Democrats have such a hard time uniting under a clear message. Kerry was weak in this area, and it reflected his party. Republicans came together, they had impressive voter turnout and they won.

When I went to bed last night, I hoped that I would not wake up to the news that Bush was re-elected, but I also promised myself that either way I would become more politically active. I will spend more time speaking out, fighting and working for what I believe in. I will cause change and I will have a positive impact.

2 thoughts on “Another Four Years”

  1. Based on your last paragraph, it sounds like Kerry may have done something just as important as winning the election. If more people start to work for what they believe in because of the loss, than Kerry’s campaign may have been just as successful as W’s… if not more on some levels.

  2. It was humorous to read Hunter S. Thompson’s quote after the fact: “Yeah, we rocked the vote all right. Those little bastards betrayed us again.”

    Of course, it’s much more than that. But a bit of levity seems to be all that’s keeping me from spinning off into the abyss, all curse words and hatred and piss and vinegar.

    And though I won’t personally vouch for anything that’s Microsoft-branded, had a little bit of interestingness in this article. And being from bible-belt Kansas originally, I was surprised to learn a bit of old-timey red state history…

    “The unteachable ignorance of the red states…”

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