when was the last time someone you know got really into a punk band that wasn’t on a major label that didnt sound like washed-down mid 90’s Epitaph? i swear, dude. we’re living in an entire generation of People That Like Bands Who Wear Comfy Sweaters. this is not good. i mean yeah, nothin’ wrong with curling up into a little ball with a Joanna Newsom album and a cup of tea and a qualuude once in a while, but when did the inside of peoples fucking heads start looking exactly like the inside of an Urban Outfitters? when did everyone get really, really into pretending they live in a forest? i don’t understand this. we need to bring the anger back. musics just going to get more fucking flowery with Obama. what the fuck happened to exciting punk bands? shit, dude. No Age and that whole crowd are pretty rad but shouldn’t this be going on, like, all over the board? i blame Franz Ferdinand and that whole bullshit. they fucking RUINED art-school punk. now all we have is that Rise Against shit.

so in the aftermath, its like a whole generation of John Cusack’s and Lisa Loeb’s. do you know how fucking annoying your kids are going to be?

Shit dude, it’s not just punk. It’s fucking rock and R&B hell— music in general.

I had the unfortunate tourture inflicted upon me of listening to the FUCKING RADIO the other day while moving.

Every rock song sounds like Seether/Nickelback/Hoobastank. They all sound the same, and it’s a BAD THING. Remember grunge? Grunge was awesome! All the bands sounded the same, and they were GOOD. Not this whiny shrivled cock shit that we’re being force fed right now.

All R&B sounds like Kanye west taking a shit through a synth, or it’s two or three lines repeated so frequently that you feel like your being actively hypnotized into pressing the repeat button. Even pop music is unbareable. Pop music is ALWAYS supposed to be pleasurable, and easy to listen to.

Right now most pop music makes me change the damn channel, and then my tampon.

Music is terrible right now, and it makes me want to stab speakers.

Hmm.. I agree music is sorta terrible right now.  I don’t enjoy punk so I don’t care about that, but I love rock and roll.  Good thing is, there are more bands emerging with actual talent.  Bad thing is, people are stupid these days and like crap music so no one hears about them.  Sooner or later they’ll wake up (i hope).

The Black Keys had to record their newest album with that guy (mickey mouse) from Gnarles Barkley to get noticed.  The guy was a joke.. he put in some keyboard parts that a monkey could play.

Also, the digital age has helped break music down.  Digital is thin, analog is warm.  Most bands I listen to are into analog and maybe that’s why I like them.   Anyone can record an album (digitally) and sit there on protools until their voice sounds good enoughThe proof is in the pudding.  See a band live.

I have another bone to pick.  I’m tired of people throwing that musician term around.  The Beatles were musicians, Kanye is not.  He is an entertainer.  And all those fake asses who lip sinc and dance around are not musicians, they are entertainers.  God help me if I ever see a Jonas brother, panic at the discoer, or fall out boy.  I love how fall out boy or “panic at the disco” talk about rock and roll like they are anywhere near what true rock and roll is.  Please.. take a fucking hike.

I blame MTV.

My only response to this is: bullshit.

You’re looking for great thrashy punk, stuff that sounds like it was made in 1978? Great. It’s out there. I’ve heard it.

So it’s not at the forefront of the underground rock press anymore. Times have changed. These things happen. Like in ‘79. Bands were still making great punk like it was ‘76 or ‘77, but the press had moved on to Wire, so no one paid attention. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t out there.

So here’s the deal. Not happy with the “washed-down mid-90s Epitaph” bands? That’s fine. I’ll bet I like a bunch of the bands you fit into that (and I think Bad Religion is still making great music), but fine. Not happy with the bland indie-folk bands people go apeshit over on hipster critique sites? Me either. That’s fine.

So man up, stop whining and dig a little deeper. Just because you’re not reading about doesn’t mean it’s not out there.

Try Ruiner, to start.

WHO CARES?  Seriously, who gives a fuck?

I don’t pretend to listen to “good” music or “bad” music.  It’s fucking art, dude.  Subjectivity.  I love all the “boring” shit that the critics do lately, because my musical taste goes in waves (as does almost everyone’s, dependent on mood, season, or whatever).  Dance-punk?  Good to go.  Indie folk/chamber pop or whatever?  I’m in.  Electro-house?  Sold.  Hardcore/thrash?  Tell me where I sign up.  Post-emo indie rock?  As long as it’s not repetitive and makes me feel like no thought process was put into it, sure, I’m game.  (This is my defense of Fall Out Boy, by the way.)

As long as there’s passion behind it, and I can relate to SOME theme — be it musically, lyrically, or otherwise — I’m all about it.  Maybe it makes me a music whore, but I’d rather that than be an elitist that misses out on good stuff because all I want to hear is a bunch of Velvet Underground wannabes that pissed on some analog tape they had lying on the floor of them playing shitty out-of-tune instruments and calling it “vintage punk.”  Fuck that.  Art is art, and if I don’t find the music I want to hear out there, I make my own.  YES, I DO have a filter, and it’s my own just like everyone else’s.  But it doesn’t mean there’s not a crazy abundance of amazing artists, bands, and songs out there.  I swear to god, if I hear one more person whining about how there’s never any good music out there anymore, I’m gonna scream.