In our ever expanding digital future, its likely this kind of attitude and steadfast dedication to singular pursuits will be coveted by a few and heralded by many.

via wearethedigitalkids:

“One last thing before I go; just to be forthright, this is only a portion of what I’ve got lined up for you. I have been SERIOUSLY busy in the last 2 years; and very little of it has to do with twittering. At the risk of sounding all corny, I feel the need to say something that’s important to me: I’ve realized recently that I do music, make records, LISTEN to records,  tour, and generally hole myself up in the studio because I love it, not cause its my job. Its become as natural as breathing, and keeps me sane-most of the time.  Im much more concerned with making a timeless record, than with how to sell a record nowadays. Also, if you don’t see me posting left and right on whatever the most current social networking site is, its not cause I don’t like being social, its cause I feel like our time on earth is very very short, and that the most I have to offer this planet in my little window of time here is through the vessel of music.  I would rather leave behind something you can hopefully use a little more than an update on my belly button lint.  Hopefully, a catalog that speaks more volumes than all the blogs I could possibly write in a hundred years.” -John Krohn (RJD2)

RJD2 Takes Ownership of his Music