Beatle Paul perfecting the song in the studio.

Note: The girl in the studio is Francie Schwartz…

I’ve been wondering who that woman was for the longest time! How have I never heard of her? And how long were they dating? Of course I don’t doubt that he was seeing her at the same time he was seeing Jane (just how many women did Paul have going, anyway?), but he also got together with Linda not long after Jane broke up with him.

Yeah, some sources list her name, some don’t, but he was with Francie from April ‘68 to about September ‘68. He had already courted Linda when he went to the states several months before he broke it off with “Franny”. Essentially, she was merely a fling, and nothing more. She wrote a book called “Body Count” that goes into detail her experiences with Paul and the other many men she’s been with. Goggle her name and you’ll find a interview here and there and some photos.

also, here’s a funny little girly website called “It’s Only Love: Beatles Girls Site”, most of the Beatles women are listed within. I particularly liked the Thelma Pickles entry, as I didn’t know about her until 2 years ago.