We made it to Denver with about 5 minutes to spare before bairding started. Not how I like to role, but we made it. Now at home in LA. Quite a journey. We took two cars, a bus, a tram, a plane and one more car. Record heat in LA. 🔥 😴

Not sure we’re gonna get out of Colorado tomorrow, at least not out of the airport we intended. The Lake Christine Fire has Aspen Airport closed down, at least through tonight. Not scheduled to leave until tomorrow evening, but it’s not looking good.

Welp, I’m back on Dreamhost. I’ve spent weeks trying to get this site set up on WordPress.com and it has been the biggest pain in the ass. If everything is set up correctly, this should also post to Micro.blog.

At a restaurant in Colorado. Two white guys having dinner next to us. One says, “you seen Black Panther?” Other guys says, “Hell no! Do you realize if there was a movie called White Panther, everyone would say it was racist. I’m so tired of the double standard everywhere in our country.” Took everything I had not to call the guy out. If I wasn’t with the family, I probably would have.