I have things to say. I keep bookmarking articles to refer back to, but they just keep piling up. I want to put all of my opinions down and share them with you, but the time…where is it? I can’t seem to find time to do this right now. Other things are more important, and the things that aren’t more important that somehow find there way of taking up my time…well, hopefully those will go away soon. I dunno. I’m blocked. I have some sort of mental constipation mixed with not enough hours in the day. Sleep seems more important to me. And no, it’s not a depression thing. It’s more of a survial thing. A well-being thing. It’s not over and I’m not leaving. I’m just resting up a bit. There’s so much music. Oh, that reminds me…I have another monthly mix ready to post. I’ll try and get that up soon. Happy birthday Joel.

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  1. carolyn Avatar

    geez. get unblocked. where else am i supposed to get my music info? yes i know i’m a madonna fan but still i deserve to get your thoughts on other music, don’t i??? 🙂 get that playlist up! do some bloggin!

  2. kitty stitch Avatar
    kitty stitch

    post bitch, post!!!