Broadcasting The Goods

I’m tired of laziness, especially the musically lazy. You know the ones. They listen to the radio and think that it’s gospel. It’s not. Sure, we can’t all be on the bleeding edge of music, but how about picking up a music magazine besides Rolling Stone or Spin. Hell, even a mainstream weekly from the UK has some decent reviews and suggestions.

Realize, radio listeners, that there is amazing music that you are not hearing. The labels aren’t pushing these bands, and if they are you may not have a station in your area that will play them. Don’t even get me started on payola. How do you think the labels are making up all that money their losing from music piracy? Anyway, you’d think that Los Angeles would be on the cutting edge with great radio stations playing all the coolest stuff. We aren’t, with the exception of KCRW. Even they don’t play it all. I’m still not forgiving Nick Harcourt for glossing over The Twilight Singers album. He’s a snot-nosed, elitist who, upon taking over Morning Becomes Eclectic, played a lot of classic rock until someone elbowed him. I’ll give credit where credit is due, and despite my unfounded personal dislike for Nick Harcourt, he plays the best music in Los Angeles. I’ve discovered a lot of new stuff by listening to the show.

Aside from KCRW, KROQ is the mainstream alternative station in town. They play the same stuff over and over. 10% may be good music, but is it worth listening to for that? No. Again, giving credit where credit is due, Kevin and Bean still make me laugh, give great interview and KROQ does sponsor a good show now and then, but only when KCRW doesn’t get to it first.

What’s the point of this rant? Well, I’m thinking that there should be a web radio station, so I’m checking into such an undertaking. I’m convinced, based on the response I get for the monthly mixes, people will listen.

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  1. shayna Avatar

    ok, whenever I start on my rant about this exact subject to some random person, and they look at me with a stupid look on their face and walk away, I’ll promptly send them to yr site so they can get a clue.


    KXLU 88.9 (

    I swear by it. practically the only radio worth listening to, along with kcrw.

  2. Brad Avatar

    My bad. I should have included them as well. I don’t listen to any radio very often, but KXLU is certianly worth noting. Thanks for the addition.