Migrating from TinyLetter to Paragraph for newsletters

Way back in the Before Times of 2015, I switched from sending out my annual playlist thing to individual people to using TinyLetter to publish them as a newsletter. Newsletters have come a long way since then and TinyLetter has kind of been frozen in time. This has largely worked for me, but when I attempted to send out this year’s playlist I found that for some reason I could not add links. I’ve been working exclusively on my iPad Pro this week, so that may have had something to do with the trouble.

I saw Sean had migrated his newsletter from TinyLetter to Paragraph recently. I had looked at Paragraph shortly before Sean made the jump and thought what they were doing was a great approach that embraced the decentralized web, focused on empowering creators and offered the ability to store everything on the permaweb. The transition was as simple as copying and pasting once I signed up and imported my subscribers from TinyLetter. I sent out my Selections from 2022 playlist to everyone a few days ago. Paragraph seems like a really nice platform that I’ll be exploring more in the coming year.

While you’re here, go ahead and sign up for the newsletter. You’ll receive one, maybe two, emails per year from me.

How I Say No

As Miles Davis once said, “Time isn’t the main thing. It’s the only thing.” I simply have less time between work, family and hobbies. And I need a lot more time alone than most people. When I’m asked to consult, have my brain picked, mentor or other such things, I have a TextExpander snippet that simply says:

Thank you for thinking of me for this opportunity. At this time I’m over-committed. Please keep me in mind for other opportunities in the future. Be well.

I don’t like saying “no” (FOMO), but saying “yes” to a lot of things means that I don’t have time to focus on the truly important things.

Thought the warm weather was going to help? Think again. Anyone want to predict what will happen when people are indoors more, say, in the fall or winter?

Selected Music From 2019

I put a playlist together that gathers some of my favorite music of the year. There’s always too much music to listen to, but I sure love trying. You can listen to this year’s playlist on Spotify or Apple Music. I put a lot of time and thought into the flow, so it would make me happy if you enjoyed it, at least once, in it’s intended sequence.

It’s always a bummer when good people leave a company, especially when you hired them and even saw them doing bigger and better things outside of the role you hired them into.

We’ve got some winter travel coming up over the next couple of months and it was time to get some new boots that weren’t heavy backpacking boots. I decided on the Danner Vertigo 917.

Danner is a great company that makes really nice stuff that’s highly functional and looks pretty good too. These boots will be the only shoes I bring with me. I bought them a half-size up to accommodate some thicker socks, but even with lighter weight socks, my feet stay put, which is nice. I’ll report back on how they work out.