Cool Band Alert – Nerami

Just discovered a cool new band, and lucky for all of you Angelinos, they’re local. Check out Nerami. They’re even playing a bunch of shows, some of them local in the coming weeks. I’ll add them to the calendar sometime soon. They have a couple of CDs for sale, which I bought. You should too. You’ll thank me later. Listen to a few of their songs.

3 thoughts on “Cool Band Alert – Nerami”

  1. I downloaded the song they have on that demo site a few days ago…I like it. reminds me of Palo Alto. I’m glad you posted this, tho, the song got lost in my playlist. I’m downloading more as I type.

    some funny shit you’re posting…here’s some more… (watch out for the pop-ups)

  2. Damn, and here I was thinking I was so fucking cool for finding a needle in the haystack. Anyone else we should know about miss-I-knew-before-you-did?

  3. well, you can’t always be mister-I-always-know-before-you now can you? :} this might just be a fluke, if I throw out a few names now, you’d just say “pshh…I’ve had their cd for AGES”

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