Day: 500!

Shirt: Descendents – Bonus Winter 86’ Tour

Color: Red

Brand: Hanes Fifty-Fifty

Source:  First off.  let me say a big Happy Birthday to my Japanese buddy Takashi.  He lives in Japan so he docent give a fuck about thanksgiving, but his birthday happens to be today, and without very supportive dudes like him, i would have quit long ago.  So todays post is dedicated to you buddy.  

With that said i could have planned this day any more poorer.  I mean for 500 to land on a day when people are doing nothing but watching sports, parades getting drunk with their family and then feeding their faces till they cant eat anymore is just sad.  so HI!! to everyone outside of america who will be reading this.

I’m surprised i really made it this far.  not for lack of shirts but for lack of being diligent about writing  every day.  lemmie tell you it is hard.  hard to write and be creative , funny or interesting.  Hard sometimes to get inspired or motivated.  but i really do enjoy the process of documentation.  that is kind of my biggest motivation around this blog.  I liek that at least my shirt collection is out there and you can google it.  look back and see if that weird old Dag Nasty shirt was printed on a Fruit Of The Loom, or some random cheap shirt the band was not concerned with quality only wow $1 shirts, they are quire shaped though?  fuck it.  NOFX i’m looking at you.  I think i own more NOFX shirts that are the same size wide as they are tall.  its as if they were purchased from the Hobbit Shire (theres a plug for the new movie for you Peter JAckson, you’re welcome.)

Things i thought were inevitable but never happened.

1.  I was sure you would watch be get fatter and fatter over the 500 days.  grow tittys and a giant belly.  suprinsignly this never happened and i owe it all to my breakfast of champions LIFE cereal and a glass of Iced Coffee.  If Bill and the band had discovered the potency of Cold Brew coffee back in 85’ i bet there would be way more metal shredding riffs on the records.  It is sometimes so strong it makes me vomit.  

2.  I never though it would get this big.  as of today i have 17, 635 followers on Tumblr alone and who knows how many more for people who just go to the website.  that is a lot of shirt nerds.  So thanks to all of you who read it.  I read everyone of your comments and appreciate all of them whether or not i write back or not.  thanks for the support.  When i used to put on shows for MySpace i could be at the best show of my life, and because of show problems be stressed and grumpy and not enjoying it.  I put a lot of love into making the Secret Show Series, and sometimes you asked your self “why do i bother?” Then as the show is letting out and i’m handing out the posters there would always be the one kid, the one person who just experienced the best show of his or her life and they just look at me with the biggest smile in the world and say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! and there it is.  The reason i did it.  just to give back the same feeling i got as a kid when i went to the show of my life.  

Enough Rambling.  will i keep doing it after today?  probably.  

Considering i have at least 500 if not 1000 more shirts in my closet i need something to do with them.  

Will i write these marathon posts? Prolly not.  well never say never, but i will keep it to when only the bug strikes me.  I dunno.  maybe not i’m conflicted  what i do know is one way or another you can expect a pic of the shirt i am wearing each day.  that i promise.  till i run out.  

And those of you who were wondering what the 500th shirt was and you didn’t see a Descendents shirt coming, i’ll let you in on a little secret.  you ever see that movie the Six Sense?  Bruce Willis Is Dead the whole time.  This blog started with the band that inspired me ALL and will end or was going to end with the band that inspired them DESCENDENTS.  

It’s thanksgiving and i’m hungry. so i m outta here.  but to all of you in the US Happy Thanksgiving.  be thankful for everything and nothing all at once.  Today i am thankful for the Descendents record ALL.

He did it.