Don’t Waste Your Energy on Excuses


Andrew Dubber, who writes the great blog New Music Strategies, emphatically proved the power of resourcefulness. For every hundred people talking about doing something, there is maybe one who has the initiative to actually do it. And in the end, that’s the only person that matters, because that person will have something to show for it. While we spend a lot of time talking about the music business, I hope that our various resources ultimately help you to actually DO something, even if it’s just one small step toward achieving whatever you have identified to be your goals.

As Mr. Dubber experienced, just imagine how much of our time is spent thinking about why we can’t do something. Not enough time. Or not the right time. Not enough equipment. And, inevitably, not enough money. All that energy spent coming up with reasons why we can’t instead of ways we can.

Every day, I realize more and more how there will ALWAYS be a million reasons NOT to do something. Unfortunately, if you subscribe to those excuses, you won’t ever do anything. Duh. I believe it’s often important to reduce the scale of your vision for a project in order to make it something manageable, i.e. actionable, executable. Whatever your excuse is, scale that factor back. Don’t let your own vision be the insurmountable hurdle that prevents you from moving forward!

So while the band Merchandise were thinking about how they didn’t have the money they needed for a music video, Dubber filmed one with the tools they had on hand. Did it do its job? In my opinion, hell yes it did. This is a GREAT music video. It captures the vibe of the music in an authentnic way and tells me enough about the band to turn me on and get me to buy an album. Would they really get $30k more value from the video if they had spent $30k on it? I’m willing to bet not. More often than not, it’s better to get something done than it is to get something perfect.