Dreaming Of Death

I don’t remember the last time I had a dream I was dying. From what I can remember, and mind you this dream happened over 12 hours ago, I knew I was going to die. I had made all of these preparations. Everything was very real. It all took place in Los Angeles. My family had gathered, but no one was sad. They were just prepared for it. I kept trying to write down who all of my possessions would go to. CDs would go to this friend, DVDs to that friend, my television to someone else. I knew I only had until the next day. There was so much to do and I just couldn’t finish. Everyone wanted to say good-bye, which was fine, but I didn’t have time to myself. I felt ready to go though. I had come to some grand realization that it wasn’t over. That despite my death, I would move on to something else. And the weird thing about this dream was that I woke up several times and when I fell back asleep, it just picked up where it left off, which I don’t think I have ever experienced.

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  1. carolyn Avatar

    i don’t usually dream about ME dying, but i do have freakazoidal nightmares where my dad has died, and i used to have ones where my brother got stabbed. i would wake up just sweating and totally freaked out! sometimes i daydream about what people should say at my funeral 🙂 but those are daydreams where i’m purposely thinking it not actual REM unconscious dreams