Electric car adventures

As part of LiveEarth, we get to play with a lot of toys. Today I got to take a new electric car for a test drive. Bonifer and I piled in to the car and started the engine, which frankly I couldn’t tell was on. We looked everywhere for how to put the car in reverse. And we looked some more. Finally, after several minutes of trying to figure it out, we got the manual. It was a stupid switch, when flipped makes that awful you-better-move-if-you’re-behind-me beeping and pressed on the peddle. The car jerked backward and then I flipped the switch again to make it go forward. This was a single gear golf cart kinda car[t] that went 20-25mph. It felt like I was driving a tin can. The materials used to make the car were horrible. Why is electric and hybrid generally synonymous with ugliness? The best one I’ve driven is the Smart Car. Nothing has come close.