Fahrenheit 9/11 Trailer Posted

Apparently it will hit theaters beginning on Friday, but you can view it now on Michael Moore’s web site. It certianly didn’t move me to want to see it, but I will. Whoever cut the trailer should be shot.

4 thoughts on “Fahrenheit 9/11 Trailer Posted”

  1. That footage of Bush made me pretty angry. But I’m not sure that makes me want to run to the theater…but it certainly made me want to see what Moore has to say,

    I just wish I still trusted Moore like I once did…

  2. Yeah, see that’s the other thing. Moore’s cred has gone way down in my book since he pulled that stunt with his film and Disney distributing it and stuff like that. Part of me just thinks he likes controversy for the sake of controversy. The fact that he’s not the most well-spoken individual and ends up coming off like a crackpot doesn’t help his cause either. At least his movies are out there though and people do watch them.

  3. it’s sad that someone finally gets out there and their fight heard, seen, etc. by such a big audience (relatively), but goes about it in such messed up way. I give him credit for getting this shit seen, especially by people who wouldn’t necessarily open their minds to it, it’s obviously not an easy fight…but what good is his word when those people just brush him off because he’s such an ass. despte that, I want to know what he has to say as well, so I’ll be seeing this one, too, for sure. it’ll be interesting to see how his audience has evolved since BFC.

    that trailer needs a real editor. it looks like he edited it himself or something. had to get every last thing in there…

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