Friday Five – Habitation, Etc.

1) Do you live in a house, an apartment or a condo? I live in an apartment. It’s a two bedroom/two bath in West Los Angeles (or as some like to call it, Beverly Hills Adjacent – GROSS, but true.)

2) Do you rent or own? I rent, though I used to own when I was still living in Kansas. My mortgage payments were $300 less than I pay for my apartment in Los Angeles. It’s ridiculous on some level. I really wish I could have found some way to keep the house in Lawrence. It was such a beautiful place and Lawrence is tops. On a visit home a couple of years ago, I knocked on the door of my old house and asked if I could come in and look around. Though a little hesitant, the guy let me in. His family lived there and had totally messed the place up. It was terribly traumatic.

3) Does anyone else live with you? Yes, Holly, my dog, lives with me. The building I am in has ghosts, though my unit doesn’t seem to be one of the haunted ones. There are dust bunnies as well.

4) How many times have you moved in your life? I’ve moved a total of four times, which is pretty low, I think. When I went off to college I didn’t live in the dorms. I got an apartment instead. Next to my house, it’s my favorite place I have lived. I bought the house after about two years. Three years later I moved to an overpriced shit hole of an apartment in West Hollywood. It was charming when I saw it, but I soon discovered that my neighbor had six kids in a two bedroom apartment. It was pretty miserable at times, though for a first apartment in Los Angeles, it wasn’t bad.

5) What are your plans for this weekend? I’m visiting Kansas right now. Tonight I’ll be having dinner with my sister and a mutual friend. After dinner I’ll be hanging out with a long-time friend of mine. Tomorrow is the wedding in Lawrence, which will take up most of the day and part of the evening. I’ll pay a visit to some friends in Lawrence on my way back to my parents’ house. Sunday I’ll spend some time with my parents and then fly back to Los Angeles, where the weather is much nicer.

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  1. laura Avatar

    this has nothing to do with the Friday Five, but i just thought you’d be horrified to know i sent two emails to moby this weekend telling him how much i hate the new video.

  2. Kat Avatar

    1) Do you live in a house, an apartment or a condo? I have a smallish one bedroom apartment. I dream of a house, but I live in the SF Bay Area, and I am not willing to live more than 20 minutes away from work, and I donít have $80K for a down payment. So I live in a smallish one bedroom apartment. But it is in a great location and my current upstairs neighbors, suck way less than the ones before, who frankly were the 3rd level of hell. Which raises the question had I done something to deserve living on the 3rd level of hell, and if so what was it exactly? And if not, what the f**k man!

    2) Do you rent or own? Rent. My landlords are really really really old, the husband has his own nurse that comes out with him when he visits, which is far less now, as the oxygen is hard to roll over the messed up conrete in the driveway. But the good thing is that the rent has not kept up with the economy! Woo Hoo, I live in downtown Menlo Park which for those of you outside the area, it is a pretty swanky town. Not as swanky as Palo Alto or Woodside, but way swankier than Redwood City or Mt. View. So my rent is about $500 less than most pay for a place like this. Which means I a trapped hereÖ

    3) Does anyone else live with you? Two cats, Ashley and Boo. They are the best cats. Everyone says so.

    4) How many times have you moved in your life? I am an airforce brat so I really donít have the time to count. And then I have moved at least as many times since becoming an adult as I did as a kid. So more than 20 at least.

    5) What are your plans for this weekend? I am going to read two novels one trash and one classic. I always strive for balance.