From Record Store Employee To VP

There was quite a bit of press surrounding the announcement of Network LIVE. One of the more enjoyable pieces was from

As we reported first last
night, the new AOL-AEG-XM venture is being announced today at a press
conference by AOL Chairman & CEO Jon Miller…the venture is called
"Network Live". Besides Kevin Wall, Andrew Thau, the former president
and CEO of VOY, the Latino-focused media company, is the COO of the
venture. Mike Bonifer, former creative head at iXL, is the VP of
Creative at Network Live. Brad Barrish, who previously worked at
Wherehouse Music, is the VP of content development.

They were reporting before the announcement was made and didn’t do much in the way of fact checking. First of all, I’m not a VP, though content development is in my title. Second, they make it sound as though I worked in a Wherehouse Music store before joining up with Network LIVE, which reads kinda funny. That’s quite a promotion. I did work for Wherehouse Entertainment (who owned Wherehouse Music stores) once upon a time, so they weren’t way off.